“Justin clearly put a lot of time and thought into developing a program that was designed specifically for me. I especially appreciate the periodic evaluations which show the improvements in areas of cardio, strength, endurance and balance. He knows how to pace the progression of the workouts and how far to push me while still making it enjoyable. He's always in a great, encouraging mood. It's obvious he loves what he does and has his clients' best interests at heart”. LSK Fountain Hills

“As a self coached ultra marathon runner the pounding of daily mileage was taking its toll.  The repetitive stress was creating muscle imbalances and I found myself sidelined more and more often.  Since working on my core and lower leg stability with Justin my knees and lower back are so much stronger then they used to be…..Back on the trails and I feel great”!                                                                    

 Thanks Justin “Mojo” Fountain Hills

“…when I first started with Justin I was very skeptical of how the band and ball system could possibly give me a robust workout.  How could I possibly be getting a workout if I wasn’t sore for the next 2 days?  I now know how wrong I was!  With Justin’s expertise and a workout schedule that varies consistently, I am well on my way to a more fit body and mind and having a great time doing so!”  

SJ Fountain Hills

“Every now and then you experience something so wonderful that you ask yourself why you didn’t do it years ago.  That is how I feel about training with Justin.  His customized programs leave me feeling challenged and invigorated, but never too sore the next day.  I look forward to each session and can’t wait to see the results all my hard work will deliver.  I am committed to making a change in myself and my body and Justin is showing me the way.  After three months of training I am enjoying my initial results and looking forward to reaching my ultimate goal.  My only concern is that one day Justin will stop training and I won’t be able to keep having all this fun!”

KM Fountain Hills

“I had reached a plateau with my cardio workouts and still wasn’t achieving the weight loss results I wanted.  Justin placed me on a strength training program and changed my exercises every 6 weeks.  I would never have done that on my own.  He also had me keep a food diary and I was astonished at my choices after I had written them down.  Thanks Justin, the results came fast and furious.  I reached my goal weight and them some.”

 KP Fountain Hills